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Commercial Insurance

When it comes to owning a small business. It is imperative to protect your livelihood by following all state and local laws while also insuring your...

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Home Insurance

Home insurance is essential for homeowners and renters looking to protect their investments in their homes and Varadas Insurance...

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Auto Insurance

How can you feel secure when you are behind the wheel? The reality is that accidents can happen and they are highly unpredictable. The only way...

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Executive Risk Insurance

Executive Risk Insurance

Sometimes as a business owner, you have to make tough decisions. Executive Risk insurance can help protect you from potential liability as a result of one of your management decisions.

Professional coverage is an asset if you find yourself involved in a dispute with your client. The policy provides coverage so that your company’s assets will not be damaged.

Dependable and reliable employees are an important part of your business. However, sometimes there are issues in the workplace. Executive risk insurance will protect your company during a potentially serious dispute involving one of your current or former employees.

Executive Risk insurance can also protect your business against possible extortion attempts, identity theft, forgery, as well as cybercrime.

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